Lauren DeRosa


glitchy black and white Hazard Tree artwork: hectic grey and black with pixelated rbg artifacts in the interstices; you can sort of make out words and forms

Hazard Tree
Experimental, computer-produced, ambient and electronic solo noise project. airhorn released on soundcloud February 2019, some drone things released on bandcamp August 2019, Alive From Room Floor released on bandcamp January 2020, unmappable properties released on bandcamp December 2020, drift drafts released on bandcamp December 2021.

a white logo for the band PROXIMITY on a black background; the image texture is a halftone screen bitmap; the logo is a circle with imprinted artifacts at the edges and two overlapping zig zags stretching from edge to edge of the circle at odd angles

Improvisational noise project with Nigel V. Ames. Evocative, process-based electronics and drum recordings. Self-titled album released on bandcamp June 2020.

bright pink abstract artwork for lovel@rn made using some sort of drawing app from 2013; the image is mostly pink with highlights of white and cyan and a horizontal flat elipsis of red in the center; the image is mirrored across the center horizontal and vertical axes

A lo-fi solo acoustic guitar songwriting practice experimenting with electronics, loops, and ambient noise. I Have Not Stopped Spinning of my Own Accord Yet released on soundcloud September 2013.

artwork for cellmate: a photo negative image of three people standing in front of a wall at night; they are wearing jackets and t-shirts; the outlines of their heads  are visible but their faces have been blended in the background

Experimental hardcore punk band with Daniel Tomás Ku and Drew LaBarre. curtains released on tape September 2012.